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Oaxacan Vanilla Cacao - Divine Botanical Euphoric - Unsweetened & Non-Alcoholic

The combination of vanilla, cacao, and chile was revered by numerous Mesoamerican cultures. The understanding of the synergy is incomplete, but it interacts with the endocannabinoid system while also being stimulating and improving blood flow. The nutmeg and mace contribute small amounts of hallucinogenic myristicin. Several ingredients add MAOIs and β-caryophyllene which further interact with neurotransmitters. Others contribute uplifting and calming terpenoids and flavonoids.

A can of FuncBot Oaxacan Vanilla Cacao soda surrounded by botanical illustrations of the functional ingredients.


Nitro-Carbonated Water

*Fermented Cacao, Mexico  - *Chinantla Vanilla, Mexico

Chile Pasilla Mixe, Mexico - Sarsparilla  Root, Mexico

Hibiscus Flower, Mexico - Damiana Leaf, Mexico

Epazote Leaf, Mexico - Ginger Root, Mexico

Turmeric Root, Mexico - Ceylon Cinnamon, Sri Lanka

Green Cardamom, Guatemala - Calendula Flower, USA

Coriander Seed, Mexico - Mace, Grenada

Nutmeg, Grenada

*Sustainable agroforestry product of Oaxaca’s Chinantla Jungle

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