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Jungle Fever - Real Tonic Water - Unsweetened & Non-Alcoholic

Tonic water originates as an antimalarial extract of cinchona bark, combined with other ingredients to make the bitter alkaloids more palatable. Jungle Fever (an archaic name for malaria) is an intricately woven web of medicinal and culinary botanicals drawn from American, European, and Asian traditions. Rich, bitter, and spicy, it also masks the taste of phenylethylamines extremely well.

The label of FuncBot Jungle Fever Tonic Water surrounded by botanical illustrations of the functional ingredients with the words "coming soon"


Cinchona Bark, Red -  Cinchona Bark, Yellow

Avocado Leaf - Anis Seed

Cacao Fermentado - Moringa Seed

Ceylon Cinnamon - Chile

Pasilla Mixe - Nutmeg 

Basil Allspice - Lemongrass

Hibiscus - Myrrh Bark

Tamarind - Turmeric

Sarsaparilla - Palo Azul

Pennyroyal - Wormwood

Eucalyptus - Fenugreek

 Flor de Cacao - Ginger

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