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Invigorating, dry and refreshing. Earthy bitterness balanced by the botanical sweetness of ginseng and vanilla and complimented by the musty spice of turmeric and mace. The kola, guarana and guayusa contain stimulating caffeine and theobromine while the relaxing withanolides of ashwagandha take the edge off these stimulants. Ginseng saponins promote calm, mental clarity and ginkgo contains terpene-lactones and flavonoids that improve blood flow to the brain. The 9 additional adaptogens are carefully selected for their contributions to flavor, mouthfeel, stability and well-being.

A can of FuncBot Ginseng Kola soda surrounded by botanical illustrations of the functional ingredients.


Carbonated Water - Ashwagandha Root, India

Bergamot Peel, Italy  - Ceylon Cinnamon, Sri Lanka

Chicory Root, India  - Dandelion Root, China

Ginseng Root Prong, USA  - Ginkgo Leaf, China

Guarana Seed, Brazil  - Guayusa Leaf, Ecuador

Hibiscus Flower, Egypt - Kola Nut, Nigeria

Mace, Indonesia - Pau d'Arco Bark, Brazil

Sumac Berry, Turkey  - Turmeric Root, Indonesia

Vanilla Bean, Mexico - Wild Cherry Bark, USA

White Omani Lime, Lebanon

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