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Consult the Func

Need more Func in your life? FuncBot offers consulting services on an hourly, monthly retainer or per project basis for:

Product Development

Product Formulation

Product Scale-Up

Unique Product Concepting


Botanical Extraction


Shelf Stability (FDA Process Authority)

Ingredient Sourcing

Process Engineering

Process Optimization

Facility Design/Expansion

Staff  Training

Technical/Professional Writing

FuncBot has expertise in using Cannabis, Psilocybin, Kava, Kratom, Entactogens, and other bioactive ingredients that are difficult to work with.


FuncBot has a strict “No Schmucks” policy. This means that if you or your company have a history of false/misleading statements or unethical practices, we cannot work with you.

Thats what she said ...


“Matt has been invaluable during the R&D of a revolutionary beverage. If you are looking to break the industry and produce high quality beverages, Matt will find a way to bring your project to life, and as an added bonus is just a lot of fun to work with!”

Amanda Chen, Founder & CEO of Tomo No Tomo Non-Alc Agave Distillate

Carlos Liverani, Co-founder & Chief Producer Officer of Verse Health-Enhancing Social Drinks

“When we set out on our journey as first-time beverage founders we were novices when it came to beverage creation. Enter Matt of FuncBot– our guide to this complex world. From the very first interaction, it became abundantly clear that Matt wasn’t just a consultant; he was a partner in the truest sense of the word. With an undeniable obsession for the science behind developing and scaling beverages, he illuminated the intricate nuances of taste, nutritional profiles, functional ingredients, safety & stability, cost-effectiveness, and most importantly scalability of our formula to meet the needs and lips of our target consumers. His technical prowess and range is SERIOUS, but his irreverent personality and work-style makes collaborating as refreshing as the liquids he’ll design. 


But what truly sets Matt apart is his unwavering dedication to innovation. He’s a brand founder himself and shares our frustrations with the status quo. He didn’t simply provide us with templated solutions like many other flavor houses we interacted with attempted to do. On the contrary, he didn’t hesitate when we our requests lead to unfamiliar territories of need states, market positioning, and bleeding edge of functional ingredients. In an industry where many opt for the familiar comfort of the status quo, it is INVALUABLE to have a partner that can think differently, challenge norms and push the frontiers with you. With his assistance, we iterated our way to perfecting Verse's formula – and we’re confident that what we did together is a first in the crowded beverage industry. FuncBot, under the stewardship of Matt, is undeniably a next-generation beverage flavor house and design for manufacturing studio. For anyone looking to make a mark in the beverage world, our advice is simple: partner with Matt and prepare to be amazed by how he’ll turn your dreams into reality while making you giggle.”

Consulting requests

You have a sick idea yourself and want an engineer to develop it?

Let´s have a chat about it.

Thank You! I´ll get back to you.

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